Automation of traction power substation

The traction automation system for traction substations (SAT-CZAT) is a system for monitoring and measuring electronic automation and safety devices. It is also responsible for local and remote control of systems and devices located on a traction substation. In particular, it is applied in direct current switching stations, medium voltage
switching stations, and auxiliary switching stations.

The system is based on a CZAT7 controller in distributed automation structure. Individual devices are connected to each other with the IEC 61850 Standard or via a parallel CAN bus and using the PPM2 transmission protocol. A convenient solution is the use of a CZAT controller in almost all elements of the distributed system (except for RSN safety devices). The controllers in each switching station differ only with regard to the applied software. This solution allows for optimization of costs arising from equipment maintenance and possible expansion of the system.

The system is based on CZAT type controllers placed in:

  • Traction feeder fields
  • Reserve breaker fields
  • Rectifier unit fields
  • Sectional breaker fields
  • Gamma filter fields
  • Medium voltage switching stations
  • Auxiliary switching stations
DC switchgear with CZAT controllers