CZAT6 controllers system

Distributed automation in the traction substation

Microprocessor controllers of the CZAT family have been produced by the company Elester-PKP for over 20 years. We are currently presenting you the sixth generation of CZAT controllers, which is the result of work aimed at continuous improvement of our solutions. Each successive generation of controller is based on ever more advanced technology in order to optimize its operation and reduce its dimensions. The latest system of CZAT 6 controllers remains compatible with its predecessors, thanks to which full support has been preserved for devices already installed in facilities.

Purpose of the system

CZAT microprocessor controllers are used to build monitoring and control systems for devices in railway and tramcar power facilities. The CZAT 6 system in traction substations may be applied in direct current switching stations, medium voltage switching stations and auxiliary switching stations. The system configuration can also be expanded to include:


  • control cabinets with isolating (cut-off) switches on the traction network,
  • control cabinets for medium-voltage line isolating (cut-off) switches,
  • remote control cabinets,
  • electronic earth-fault protection (EZZ),
  • burglar and fire alarm systems,
  • monitoring of authorised entrance to the facility,
  • automatic control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning,
  • dependency systems for high-speed circuit breakers (UPK-CZAT)
  • local control terminal,
  • facility monitoring system,
  • smoothing device field (e.g. a gamma filter).

CZAT6 - traction automation system


Autoryzowany partner GE

Spółka ELESTER-PKP jest autoryzowanym partnerem General Electric w obszarze automatyki cyfrowej dla stacji elektroenergetycznych 

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