Traction substations modernization

General characteristics

For years of experience Elester-PKP has become specialized in making prototype tasks in the scope of construction and modernization of Traction Substations, with the protections of energetic devices operating in the electronic network . Such modernizations are made in the continuous motion, i.e. with the operating devices, without the need of long term breaks in power supply and in turn, without disturbances in the train traffic. This lowers the operation costs without a greater power consumption on other Traction Substations. Elester-PKP suggests three basic options of the remote control system on the Traction Substations PT, using the dispersed automatics.

Options of the Traction Substations modernization

Elester-PKP suggests a number of possible options of PT modernization. Such modernization is made with the use of the CZAT dispersed automatics systems produced by Elester-PKP. An experienced team of workers guarantees making the modernization works in a professional and prompt way.

  • Option l - assumes the exchange of 600V or 3kV direct current switchgears, exchange of 15 or 110kV AC distribution board and auxiliary switchgear. Also the feeder cables and rectifier units with network transformers can be exchanged. Elester-PKP has developed a technology enabling the exchange of these devices without the need to switch off the station from the traction power supply system. New switchgears are equipped with devices performing the dispersed automatics. This enables, apart from remote control, to perform also automatics of traction feeders. The new alternating power switchgear is equipped with digital protections enabling to connect it to the remote control system and perform the automatics of Automatic Reserve Switching - SZR 15kVAC.
  • Option 2 - assumes installing the dispersed automatics in the existing 660V...3kV direct current switchgear. Apart from the remote control of the direct current switchgear, the traction feeders automatics is also performed, and the Automatic Reserve Switching - SZR 15kV AC can be introduced. At the time of introducing the remote control this option enables to modernize secondary circuits of the direct current switchgear. With this solution in individual fields of traction feeders the CZAT controllers are installed, which perform the automatics and remote control of traction feeders. Automatics based on exploited electromechanic transmitters is disassembled. Additionally in the 15kV AC switchgear the CZAT controller is installed, used for remote control of this switchgear and the auxiliaries of the station. This controller can perform the SZR function on 15kV power supply. The advantage of this option is a simultaneously performed remote control and traction feeders automatics on the basis of the CZAT controllers installed in individual fields of 660V-3kV switchgear. With this solution the dispersed automatics system does not fully involve the 15kV switchgear, in which the old secondary circuits remain with protections based on electromechanic transmitters and one controller for remote control of the whole switchgear 15kV is used.
  • Option 3 - assumes also, apart from the installation of the CZAT controllers in the field of the existing direct current switchgear, the installation of digital protections in individual fields of the existing 15kV direct current switchgear. At the moment of introducing the remote control there is also a full modernizaton of secondary circuits, not only in the direct current switchgear, but also in the 15kV AC switchgear. The exploited electromechanic protections are exchanged. In this way we receive the full modernization of secondary circuits in the station and we introduce the full dispersed automatics system.

Autoryzowany partner GE

Spółka ELESTER-PKP jest autoryzowanym partnerem General Electric w obszarze automatyki cyfrowej dla stacji elektroenergetycznych 

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