Optic fibre transmission

The development of transmission network devices on optic fibre and copper connections for the needs of railway energetics together with adapting the existing systems to the new transmission.

Scope of work

We perform the development of modern transmission devices WAN and LAN on the basis of optic fibres, supplemented in the necessary scope with copper or radio connections. Solutions performed by us ensure a full service of traction and non-traction energetic objects, among others in the scope of:

  • remote control
  • VoIP telephony
  • dependencies of fast disconnectors
  • sending information to the power plants
  • sending information from the electric energy meters
  • monitoring of objects with the use of video cameras



Autoryzowany partner GE

Spółka ELESTER-PKP jest autoryzowanym partnerem General Electric w obszarze automatyki cyfrowej dla stacji elektroenergetycznych 

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