ISO 9001

Since 1997 ELESTER-PKP has had the EN ISO 9001 quality certificate, after recertification in August 2009 the EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system was implemented.

Declaration of the management of ELESTER-PKP concerning quality

1.In our aspirations to keep the high quality and the company's significant position on the market, the most important criterion for our company is meeting the client's expectations and gaining his satisfaction.
2. Quality is the key to getting the customers' and ELESTER-PKP workers' satisfaction.
3. Each ELESTER-PKP worker, especially each manager is responsible for the quality , knows and understands the quality requirements, aims and tasks of the company.
4. We meet the assigned aims by:
  • creating convictions that each worker of ELESTER-PKP is responsible for the quality,
  • company workers are aware of the fact that gaining the high quality starts from the first contact with the client through the supply of the product or service to the operation service (maintenance),
  • each ELESTER-PKP worker knows the rules and elements of the Quality System and has tasks and duties to perform for effective functioning of the system,
  • the work of the management and the workers is aimed at team problem solving and preventing the reasons of incorrectnesses,
  • systematic training of the whole staff on basics and methods of providing quality,
  • introducing and constant using the Quality System described in the Quality Book

Autoryzowany partner GE

Spółka ELESTER-PKP jest autoryzowanym partnerem General Electric w obszarze automatyki cyfrowej dla stacji elektroenergetycznych 

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